122 Emergency Health System

What is 122 System?

Kurdistan Health Ministry _ the general directorate of Duhok Health regulated a simple number system in order to hold the calls in fast way.

The 122 system is free from these phones:


Nawroz.Tel (Landline, Reber, Wireless)

Asia. Tel


When can using 122 system?

The 122 system can be used in the dangerous situations for a person or many people.




What do you expect when you call the 122?

The Employers trained on the 122 system respond the calls within 6- 12 seconds, so do not put the handset. If you cannot speak in Kurdish language, the 122 staff can speak in English and Arabic language. There are some questions have to ask about all cases, as the following:

What is your location?

What is the status? As: Wounds, Burn, Suffocation

What is your name?

What is your phone number?

How many persons in the incident?

How old are they? 

Sometimes may be you will be asked of accurate details.

Where is the patient now?

Does the patient breathe?

All these questions are for assessment the situation then send the ambulance to the occurrence place.

We hope to cooperate with the 122 staff until the case is identified; the employees need accurate answers to determine your location and arrive the ambulance quickly.


Whatis happen when you connect to the 122 system inadvertently?

When you connect to 122 system in mistake by any person in the family, please do not put the handset and stay for a while to make sure employees 122 that call is by mistake, and do not need to continue. At the control center for immediate aid in Duhok province have the ability to know the limits of the geographical location of a telephone call.




How can I help in the rapid response?

Your knowledge of your dwelling address (street, branch, and house number) helps a lot in arrival the ambulance quickly to your location.



  • Rapid responding occur positive changes.

  • Encourage the family to teach first aid course.

  • Do not put yourself in dangerous places.

  • While you find a wounded person do not move him and blanket coverage or cover the wound with a clean fabric as soon as possible.

  • The 122 system for immediate aid is to serve you, so try to be collaborator as much as possible.