A Delegation of American Kurdish Doctors Hold a Scientific Conference

A Delegation of American Kurdish Doctors Hold a Scientific Conference

The symposium was opened with a speech from Dr. Nezar Esmat, director general of health directorate in Duhok; “the joint group of surgeons under the supervision of Dr. Ghazi Zebari, from nineteenth till now visit Kurdistan region regularly for conducting various surgeries, mostly for the rare and complicated cases, also providing the essential information for our surgeons”.

“Today at AUK several professional scientific seminars on different health sectors have been presented through particular lectures and workshops, along with some of our surgeons’ unusual circumstances throughout scientific researches; for the purpose of getting benefit from each other,” he added.

Dr. Ghazi Zebari, head of the delegation stated, “This group of surgeons come to Duhok annually for conducting different surgeries”. He also added that today seminars were highly significant, for there are some innovative issues in America, which have not been advanced to Kurdistan region. Furthermore, they try hard to give all the needed information to our doctors and then they teach the students in order to be able to do the similar surgeries in a near future.

Dr. Abdulla Ibrahim, director of the emergency hospital in Duhok claimed that these symposiums are necessary since they cover a wide range of topics from many internationally renowned experts, researchers and scholars for presenting current health care knowledge. He continued, “When the delegation of the American specialists visit the emergency hospital, they teach our doctors how to treat with the different emergency accidents patients, we discuss on the applied methods of treatments and what other possible techniques need to be done. This year we chiefly focused on the final year students, because soon they will graduate and serve people.”

Dr. Sabah Amed, director of Azadi hospital in Duhok proclaimed, every year the joint group visit Azadi and emergency hospitals and operate several successful surgeries, these surgeons and academics who participate in the symposium share their notes and exchange thoughts to further develop research, also to work on the newly  presented ideas.