A Health Delegation from Baghdad Visits Duhok

A Health Delegation from Baghdad Visits Duhok

 Director General of Health in Duhok Dr. Nezar Ismat hosted representative of ministry of health in Iraq, Dr. Khamis Saad and Dr. Falah Altabi the general director of health in Ninawa governorate. Through a meeting, they discussed on the needs and shortages of health sector within the IDP camps.


Dr. Ismat in a meeting with the ministry of health delegation debated on the current health situation of the IDPs and the pressure that has been made on the health directorates and agencies because of the huge number of IDPs in Duhok city and surroundings. Moreover, he demanded from the delegation for providing more assistance and coordination to Duhok health, thus would help to a better service for Duhok citizens, refugees and IDPs.

Dr. Khamis Saad, the ministry of health representative declared that Duhok health has delivered an excellent service and facility to the IDPs, also stated, “After we had a visit to some health centers in the camps, we have noticed that there are all the medical needs which require for the laboratories, pharmacies and health centers.

He also indicated that ministry of health in Iraq has in its 2019 plan to support Duhok health for decreasing the pressure, since there are so many refugees and IDPs in the Kurdistan region and Duhok city particularly.

He concluded; “currently we are working and trying as much as we could to support Duhok health for providing a better and constant service to the refugees”.

 Dr. Falah Altabi, the director of health in Ninewa declared that it has been four years since the Ninewa IDPs have settled in Duhok governorate and have become a huge burden on all of the governmental directorates and institutes.