Heevi Paediatric Hospital Extension (Ref:AISPO EU_MADAD/CW/02)Clarification Meeting


AISPO NGO Clarification Meeting for the tender:

Heevi Paediatric Hospital Extension (Ref: AISPO/EU-MADAD/CW/02)


Venue: Duhok Directorate General of Health (DGoH)

Date & Time 09/08/2017 at 9.30 am



Marco Croce (AISPO), Gian Paolo Romanin (AISPO)

Hussein Mohammed (DOH Mechanical Engineer), Kovan Jameel (DOH Electrical Engineer), Samir A. Abdulqudoos (DOH Civil Engineer).

Sabah hassan (Sherdil), Rezan Othman (Sipan company), Sagvan A. Khalil (4stin co), Bahzad kh. (Duban co), Emil Hermiz (Dabin group), Dilshad Ali (Rezeen co), Renas Haje (Rronhel), Sadiq Issa (Ariz co).


Minutes of the meeting:

AISPO representatives briefly summarised the administrative practices for the tender process and gave a quick description of required works.

In particular the following subjects were discussed:

§  Construction phases: considering that the civil works include the renovation of the operation block of the Hospital and that this renovation could be carried on only when the new operation block is fully operational, the company shall follow the phases described here below:

Phase N° 1      Construction of the operating block (zones 3, 5 and 6 highlighted in the MP00 and EP00 of the plant drawings). The first phase involves the concrete structures and internal work to enable the operating block to be fully functional. This phase includes both new constructions and the area at the first floor to be restored that will be used as a new surgical ward.

Phase N° 2     Restoration of zone n. 4 (old operation block that will became a normal ward area). This phase shall start  only after the new operating block is full function and it has been tested for around 20 days.

NOTE            Regarding the construction of the new building (zones 1 and 2 highlighted in the MP00 and EP00 of the plant drawings), the company may be decide, in agreement with the hospital management, when to start the works independently  from works included in phase 1 or 2.

§  Lump sum contract: the company shall deliver what is described in the drawings without any further cost for the contractor more than the tender offer. The various documents making up the contract shall be deemed to be mutually explanatory; in cases of ambiguity or divergence, the drawings will prevail on the breakdown of Lump sum. To this purpose if a company shall discover a discrepancy between the breakdown of Lump sum and the Drawings it shall communicate at the earliest to AISPO that will update a corrigenda to DoH and AISPO websites.

§  CAD:Cds with CAD files of the drawings will be available at AISPO office or can be asked to be sent by e-mail.

§  Additional questions:all the questions shall be sent by e-mail to: Eu.madad.aispo@gmail.com. All the responses  given to one company will also be published on AISPO and Duhok Directorate of Health website. The companies are invited to check those websites[1] regularly.

§  Award criteria: The tender will be awarded to the compliant tender with the lowest price

§  Tender offer cap: All offers higher tha 1.2 million will be automatically excluded

§  Soft copy of tender dossier: a soft copy (pdf scan, word or excel files) of all the documents required for the tender dossier ( including catalogues and technical sheets) shall be provided. Any document not provided also in soft copy may not be considered by the evaluation committee.

§  Bank charges: international bank transfers are made, the gross value will be paid according to the contract and will not cover bank chargers of the recipient

§  Unit price list: unit price list has no relevance to the tender award process. Its purpose is to have a reference cost if additional works shall be required.


Meeting ended at 10:30 p.m. and was followed by the site visit.

[1]At this purpose, to assure the fairness of the tender process according to EU rules, tendering companies are not allowed to contact AISPO, DoH or Heevi Pediatric Hospital staff by other means than sending questions by e-mail to the aforementioned address. Any infringement to this rule can be ground for exclusion from the tender award process.