Directorate of Health in Duhok
(0750) 4460895

The Management of Engineering and Maintenance Department is Eng.Taleb Khurshid Ibrahim

The Department contains 87 employees distributed on 5 section and 18 units which are:-

1-Section of Building and structures:-

  • Unit of Building.
  • Unit of preparing the Maps and Charts.
  • Unit of Maintenance Building.
  • Unit of Sanitary installations.

2-Section of General Maintenance:-

  • Unit of Equipment Maintenance.
  • Unit of generators and Machines Maintenance.
  • Unit of Cars Maintenance.

3-Section of Planning Engineering:-

  • Unit of plans and preparing projects.
  • Unit of Course.
  • Unit of Archives Engineering.

4-Section of Medical Equipments Maintenance:-

  • Unit of Medical and Tested Equipment.
  • Unit of Rays. 
  • Unit of Tooth Equipment.
  • Unit of general Medical Equipment.

5-Section of Maintenance of Service Equipment:-

  • Unit of Electrical.
  • Unit of Adaptaion.
  • Unit of Tested.
  • Unit of Equipment.