Medical Operations

Department of Medical Operations and Specialized Services
Head of department: Dr.Dilovan A.Abdulrahman
No of sections: 7
No of units: 13
No of employees:175

A.Section of prevention of disability and medical rehabilitation:
Which is composed of the following centers:
1.Center of early detection of childhood disability.
2.Main center for prosthetic limbs and rehabilitation in Duhok:
This has 2 outreaches in Zakho and Akre.
3.Duhok center of rheumatic diseases and medical rehabilitation.

B.Section of Emergency services:
Composed of :
1.Dushivan Emergency center.
2.Zakho valley center.
3.Sarsank emergency center(under construction).

C.Section of Military and prison services.

D.Section of operations.

E.Section of Blood transfusion services:
Composed of :
1.Blood bank.
2.Thalassemia center.

F.Section for Airport services.

G.Section of Emergency medicine.