Latest Projects

Title District Type Start Date End Datesort icon
A Tender for two Electronic Health Systems in THE Pharmacy Department and Medical Equipment in Duhok Duhok Equipment 12/09/2012 20/09/2012
ne Official tender for purchasing and delivering an anesthesia equipment ((patient monitor (non magnetic))) for MRI room in the radiology department at Azadi teaching hospital in Duhok. Duhok Equipment 08/04/2012 22/04/2012
Construction of health center type C with doctor house in Khinis Duhok Construction 08/06/2008 09/11/2009
Construction emergency section in Zakho hospital Zakho Construction 02/07/2008 02/07/2009
Construction of health center type B in Duhok Duhok Construction 18/06/2008 19/03/2009
Construction of health center type A with doctor house in Sheladizi Amedy Construction 18/06/2008 13/03/2009
Extension and Renovation of Dentisty institut in duhok Duhok Construction 08/06/2008 09/02/2009
Construction of health center type C with doctor house in Astiryan Akre Construction 26/07/2008 27/01/2009
Extension Sharia health center Duhok Construction 20/10/2008 20/01/2009
Collection of different project Construction 18/01/2009 18/01/2009
Supply generator (2000)KVA for Azade education hospital Duhok Equipment 07/09/2008 18/01/2009
Collection of renovations to many health center in different villages Akre Construction 18/01/2009 18/01/2009
Making metal shelter for Drug stores in Duhok Construction 01/09/2008 11/01/2009
Construction materinty section in Kalakje hospital Construction 08/01/2009 08/01/2009
Construction health center type (A) with doctor residence in Zaweta side / Duhok Construction 25/12/2008 25/12/2008
Construction health center type (C) with doctor residence in derkznek/ Mankesh side / Duhok Construction 22/12/2008 22/12/2008
Construction materinty section in Sarsnk hospital Construction 01/12/2008 01/12/2008
Construction an annex for police in new kolan hospital Construction 01/12/2008 01/12/2008
Buying Scannar- CT scan equipment to Azadi teaching hospital Equipment 01/12/2008 01/12/2008
Renovation of materinty section in Azadi education hospital Construction 01/12/2008 01/12/2008