Gulan Hospital

Gulan Hospital


Address:Aqrah /Abdullah QadoQuarter / in front of Directorate Aqrah Health.

Phone Number/ 009647504570546

The Hospital Director: Dr. Farhad Tahir Haji / Specialist doctor for bone fractures

Gulan Hospital is a government hospital opened on 1/5/2009, with 104 beds includes a four-floors building.

  • Department of the Surgery heart
  • Department of Pediatrics
  • Department of Operations
  • Department of Cardiac resuscitation
  • Emergency Department
  • Department of Radiology, Laboratory, Pharmacy
  • Dialysis Department, kidney stone fragmentation
  • Department Advisory
  • Department of Maintenance and Technical Workshop.


Number of employees:

  • Doctors (24)
  • Health workers (110)
  • Others (65) ... Total : 199 Employee
  • The number of patients daily: (210) patients.


The hospital has 4 floors as the following form:

  1. Ground floor: includes the Department of Forensic Medicine, washing and sterilization, pharmacology unit, dialysis unit, the kidney fragmentation of stone, give oxygen to patients and emergency department, which has not been used yet.
  2. First floor: Advisory, laboratory, radiology, sonar and statistical units
  3. Second floor: Department of Management, operations rooms, cardiac resuscitation units and surgical operations
  4. Third floor: cardiac surgery, Pediatrics, physiotherapy unit and the engineering unit.
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