Directorate of Health in Amedy


Amedy City It situates to the northeast of Dohuk governorate Center, about 70 kilometers away, it has constructed on the Mount roof, its area 17.5 km2 and its height 1000 feet...

Departments of the Directorate:

  1. ·         Department of Preventive
  2. ·          Accounts
  3. ·          Administrative-Engineering–
  4. ·         Medicines andSupplies –
  5. ·          Statistics.

The Directorate Address (Geographical Location): Amadiyah

Area: 700m^2

Area Population: 100000m6^2

The Number of Employers: 654

What is visible for this ancient history city,  Amadiyah is archaeological museum includes many of the places and buildings, sculptures, archaeological, and reduce this day still exist in addition to the customs and ancient traditions passed on from one generation to another, have been recorded Directorate traces Duhok province (34) archaeological place, while Amadiyah area is (2707 km 2) and followed by the following aspects:

1 – Amadiyah Center: - The area (93 km 2) and population (17486) people.

2 – Sarsank District : - area (919 km2) and a population of 25899 people.

 3 - Nirōh the Rikan District: - The area (1007 km2) and a population of (13186).

4 - Barwari Bala District : - The area (608 km 2) and population (17022) people.

 5 – Jmanca District: - The number of inhabitants (4567) people.

The Director of Amadiyah Health: Dr. Najib Saeed Rashid

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