Heevi Teaching Hospital

 Heevi Teaching Hospital
Duhok, near Azadi Hospital

Name of Hospital: Heevi Pediatrics Hospital Departments included in Hospital

  1. General pediatrics.
  2. Pediatric surgery.
  3. Laboratory department.

Area of the Hospital Outpatient clinic = 265 meter square. Hospital building = 1410 meter square. The number of population depending on this hospital for pediatric services = 1 million persons. The number of employed people in the hospital = 206 employer. The average daily number of patients visiting hospital = 110 patients. The services introduced by the hospital:

  1. Medical services:
  2. Treatment of pediatrics diseases.
  3. Pediatric surgical treatment.

Other services: cleaning Meals providence. Phone number: 761 9502 or 724 26 12 E-mail / moayadmi51@yahoo.com Heevi Hospital for Children is the unique hospital in Dohuk governorate .it was opened on May 29th 2004 before that pediatric management was done in the sixth floor of Azadi Hospital which contained 84 beds . Heevi Hospital includes 160 beds. it is composed two floors and additional wards. The ground floor contains the emergency department that contains 24beds.it also includes radiology and ultrasongraphy department. There are two units containing 43 beds in addition to 1.Department of Services that include the laboratory , kitchen, laundry, phone Services and statistical department 2.Department of administration and financial affairs The first floor contains the southern ward that contain 64 beds and the northern ward that contain 53 beds. In addition to pediatrics surgery unit that contains 15 beds and the intensive care unit that contain 4 beds with two operation theaters, also in first floor , there is a teaching hall and an internet and library hall. There is recreation and toys hall for children , there is also unit for treating malignant diseases. The hospital also include the consultant clinic, pharmacy, a medication store and a general store. The pediatrics surgery department was opened at September 11th 2008. Various surgical operations were done in this department. Eight specialist pediatricians are working in this hospital. The clinical teaching of the medical students from the college of medicine , university of Dohuk and the higher studies students (Higher Diploma) is done in this hospital. Cleaning services are done by contracted companies the last three years. And meals for patients are provided by contracted companies over the last 2 years. More patients are seeking medical service to our hospital from areas out of the governorate like Sheikhan, Zummar, and Sinjar. One accompaniment only is allowed for every patient and all the needs of patients are provided by the hospital.

Dr. Nizar Bakr Yahya / agency
Board certificate Iraqi Children

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