Duhok Center of Rheumatic Diseases & Medical Rehabilitation

Duhok Center of Rheumatic Diseases & Medical Rehabilitation is a special center that deals with antipersonnel landmine victims and provides prosthetic limb for injured people.

In addition it has a role in support, education and rehabilitation of these people.


  • Specialist doctors ( 2) 
  • Practitioner (1) 
  • Post-graduate student (3)
  • Employees (9) Senior house officers (1) 
  • Maternity vacation (2)


  • Treatment and follow up of Rheumatic diseases and medical rehabilitation to those conditions with need physio therapy 
  • Supply patients with chrnic rheumafic diseyes bay the medications in regular palbern and monthly
  • Nerve condnction study to those who need it
  • Supply the handi cuppeal patients with medical aids if available