Blood bank

Duhok /Sargalo St./1014

Blood bank: it is a special center established in 2004. The function of the center includes: blood screening to avoid transmission of transfusion transmissible diseases like: Hepatitis B & C and HIV. Also to promote an adequate and justified use of blood and blood components for the patient like: packet cell, platelets etc to be used according to patients need and its indications. It is the main center for reserving blood and blood products in Duhok city. Aria phone (7602763) Duhok/Sargalo street/1014/2/AK No. of workers: 31 Doctors=1 Medical technicians=12 Biology=3 Clerk=5 Workers=2 Drivers=2 Mechanical technicians=2 Wound dressers=4 Daily donation rate: 50 donors Services in our blood bank: (24 HOUR IN SURVICE) Drowning of blood and from blood donors and polycythemic patient Supply of blood and blood products for surgical, thalassemic, hemophilic, sickle cell and aplastic anemia patients. HIV, HCV and HBsAg tests (safety tests) are performed for all donors Blood grouping and Rh testing for all pints of blood Cross matching between the donor blood and patient blood Production of blood products like packed red cells, fresh frozen plasma, cryoprecipitate and platelets on request order Training of medical up grading students of Duhok medical college and Duhok medical institute.