Duhok Gastroenterology & Hepatology Center

Duhok's Gastroenterology & Hepatology Center:- This center provides endoscopically dependent diagnostic & therapeutic interventions of different pathologies of gastrointestinal in general, liver & hepatobiliary diseases.
This center consists of:
1) Upper endoscopy: include diagnostic & therapeutic intervention:
a) GIT benign & malignant tumor.
b) Dilatation of sphincter.
c) Esophageal varices.
d) Ulcer of antral duodenum.
2) Hepatobiliary system e.g. inflammatory diseases & stones of common bile duct through endoscopic retrograde colonoscopic pancreatography (ERCP).
3) Lower endoscopy e.g. colonoscopy & sigmiodoscopy for diagnosis & treatment of colon pathologies including polyps

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