Duhok Gastroenterology & Hepatology Center

Duhok's Gastroenterology & Hepatology Center:- This center provides endoscopically dependent diagnostic & therapeutic interventions of different pathologies of gastrointestinal in general, liver & hepatobiliary diseases.
This center consists of:
1) Upper endoscopy: include diagnostic & therapeutic intervention:
a) GIT benign & malignant tumor.

Blood bank

Duhok /Sargalo St./1014

Blood bank: it is a special center established in 2004. The function of the center includes: blood screening to avoid transmission of transfusion transmissible diseases like: Hepatitis B & C and HIV.

Thalassemia disease center

Thalassemia disease center: newly opened center in 2005. The center consists of 4 doctors, 4 nurses, 1 pharmacy assistant, 2 laboratory assistants and other administrative staff. Its main task is registration and regular follow up of the cases. It performs essential blood transmitted diseases investigations for the patients.

Respiratory diseases & TB Center

T.B respiratory diseases consultation center: this center is concerned with management & follows up of tuberculosis patients. It is provided with x-ray unit, laboratory & specific pharmacy for T.B drugs. It is responsible for all T.B cases in the Governorate with supervision & implementation of DOTs programme

Mental health center


mental health center: established in May 2002, with the support of a Swedish humanitarian organization called Diakonia. It provides treatment care to children with behavioral abnormalities, psychological illnesses; in addition to social education of their families. Also it is involved in establishing training courses about psychosocial education to different sectors of population

Zanest Family Medicine Center

Zanest Family Medicine Center
Duhok, Barzan Lain 36, 1025 FA
062 763 6351

Zanest center for family medicine it provides comprehensive and coordinated health care to all members of the family through the course of their lives
Total population served: 7500

Number of staff working in the center: 27

Average daily visitors: 55

Provided services in the center:

  1. Diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses.

Duhok Diabetes center

Diabtes Disease Center: for detection treatment &follow up of diabetic patients High risky persons obese patients gestational diabetes training of doctors paramedical staff how to deal with diabetes Prepare statistics about the prevalence of diabetes in the governorate.

Renal dialysis and lithotripsy center

Renal dialysis and lithotripsy center: When the kidneys do not function properly, dialysis must be performed artificially. The patients with such conditions are sending to this centre. Lithotripsy is the technology that is used to break up stones inside the body (such as kidney, Ureter and Urinary Bladder stones) using shockwaves. The machine is called a Lithotripter.

Zanin school health center

Zanin school health center: it provides the chance of periodic medical examination, early diagnosis and simple treatment of students during their school life. School health deals with nutrition, health education, safe motherhood, control of communicable diseases and laboratory support for the students.

  • Date of Building:- 1/10/2000

Dental poly-clinic

Dental poly-clinic: it provide conservative as well as intervention treatment of dental problems for both outpatient and referred cases, prosthetic and orthodontic services. It is consisted of 5 dental unit & dental laboratory for construction of dental prosthesis