Azadi Teaching Hospital

Azadi Teaching Hospital
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Azadi teaching hospital

Azadi teaching hospitalis the largest national hospital in Duhok  province it has been built in(1984),the hospital has (8) floors and several accessories around with the capacity of (480)beds it provide a wide range of services for more than two million people in Duhok and around Ninava province. The hospital also consists of (19) department within their units.

* Four new departments were opened in 2008 in this hospital

    1.Cardiology Center.

       2.Gastroenterology and hepatology center.

3.Psychiatric department.

4.Nursery house for children.

In(2011)new expansions were conducted including:-

1.       Expansion of X-ray department and MRI.

2.       The establishment of I.V.F center.

3.       The establishment of Azadi heart center for open heart surgery in cooperation with specialized team.

4.       New expansions in 2019 include CCU,ICU, strok unite ,2 operation in theatres flow.


* Many accessories of the hospital include: 2 doctors dormitories, 2 nursing dormitories (Male-female cleaning company 24 hours).

T), drug warehouse, maintenance workshop and nursery house.

During this year the number of the visitor’s patient to the hospital were increased because of the bad condition of the Ninanva province.

There are contracts with three companies annually including:

Maintenance of boilers, water and electricity generators.

Food Company with providing of hospital with scheduled three regular meals.

The number of employees (880).

The employees are working (3) times per a day at (24) hours in hospital floors and other  department.

The average of daily visitors to the hospital is (1350).

The average of daily patients who are admitted to the hospital wards is (62) patient.

The average of daily patients to the morning operation theatre is (29) patient.


The Hospital is composed of 8 Floors.

1.       Basement: includes washing laundry unit, kitchen, restaurant and oxygen factory.

2.       Ground floor: incudes administration, statistics, consultation, clinics gynecology operation theatre, pharmacies, laboratory, teaching workshop, radiology, library, telephone exchange, network, teaching halls, physiotherapy unit, IVF, psychology unit and emergency department.

3.       First floor: stark unit, cardiology wards, and (5) operation theatres.

4.       Second floor: gynecology  ward,(2) operation theatres, oncology wards, ICU, CCU,ENT operation theatres and wards.

5.       Third floor: general surgery wards.

6.       Fourth floor: internal medicine wards.

7.       Fifth floor: neurology wards, ENT dermatology and infectious disease wards.

8.       Sixth floor: urology, nephrology wards.

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