Latest Projects

Title District Type Start Date End Datesort icon
Renovation of Rays department in Azadi education hospital Construction 25/11/2008 25/11/2008
Renovation of Kora Gavana health center Construction 19/08/2008 19/11/2008
Small working in Azade teaching hospital & renovation of Kana Baska health center Construction 13/08/2008 13/11/2008
Construction of health center type C with doctor house in Sikreen Construction 27/07/2008 06/11/2008
Construction a stores for medical and services equipment Construction 05/11/2008 05/11/2008
Constraction a Renal transportation Department in Azadi teaching hospital Construction 05/11/2008 05/11/2008
Supply furniture for (9) health faculties Furniture 25/07/2008 25/10/2008
Renovation of obstetric Dept. and operation room in Azade education hospital Construction 21/06/2008 21/10/2008
Construction of Emergency Amblunce section in Bardarash Construction 24/02/2008 24/08/2008
Constraction of Emergency Amblunce section in sarsink Construction 24/02/2008 24/08/2008
Construction of Burn & Plastic surgery hospital in Dohuk Construction 15/05/2005 14/08/2008
Construction of Physiotherapy Dept. in Amadea hospital Construction 10/06/2008 04/08/2008
Constraction of hospital 100 beds in Aqra Construction 01/03/2005 01/08/2008
Constraction of health center type C in Levo Construction 12/12/2007 31/07/2008
Constraction of health center type C in Brefka Construction 12/12/2007 31/07/2008
Construction of Health center type C in Etot Construction 16/12/2007 31/07/2008
Renovation & Extention of Deralok health center Construction 06/12/2007 31/07/2008
Constraction of health center type C in Asmawa Construction 06/12/2007 31/07/2008
Construction of medical commite in duhok Construction 11/10/2007 17/06/2008
Construction of health center with doctor house in Bardarsh Construction 10/06/2007 01/05/2008