Latest Projects

Title District Type Start Date End Datesort icon
Qadish health center construction Construction 27/11/2005 06/11/2007
constructing of health center with Doctor's house in binenan village Construction 31/05/2007 28/10/2007
extension of justice medicine section in Azadi H. in Dohuk Construction 31/05/2007 23/10/2007
constructing of psychiatry H. in Azadi hospital Construction 27/08/2006 23/10/2007
Construction of General Directorate Of Health in Duhok Construction 12/03/2005 22/10/2007
constructing of health directorate in Amadia Construction 14/12/2005 08/10/2007
leveling the earth hill and constructing of park in Azadi H. in Dohuk Construction 31/05/2007 25/09/2007
Extension of drug warehouse in Zakho , renovation of Aloka H. center and constructing of healthy annex in drugs warehouse in Do Construction 10/04/2007 17/09/2007
Renovation of Mankesh H. Center Construction 27/11/2006 13/09/2007
Constructing of Doctors union Construction 20/07/2006 26/08/2007
Constructing of Micirek health center Construction 27/11/2006 07/08/2007
Constructing of health directorate in Zakho Construction 14/12/2005 01/08/2007
Construction of health directorate in Aqra Construction 14/12/2005 08/07/2007
Providing and instilation of 2 Generators (1000)KVA for G.D. in Dohu Equipment 01/09/2006 08/07/2007
Construction of nursery in Azadi Hospital Construction 14/12/2005 19/06/2007
Construction of health profession's union Construction 20/09/2006 11/06/2007
Constructing of heart catheter section in Azadi H. in Dohuk Construction 04/04/2007 14/05/2007
Construction of Khlana health center Construction 20/09/2006 20/04/2007
Construction of radiation section in Emergency hospital Construction 24/09/2006 30/03/2007
extension of Azadi Health's center in Aqra Construction 08/11/2006 25/03/2007