Latest Projects

Title District Type Start Date End Datesort icon
Extension and renovation of emergency Hospital in Duhok Construction 26/03/2006 20/03/2007
Extension of Malta H.Center and construction of 2 rooms for drivers & technicians in pharmacy section + construction of fence Construction 11/09/2006 04/03/2007
Construction of health center , prefab type in Galy-Zakho Construction 13/08/2006 25/02/2007
Extension and renovation of Denarta & Blmind's health center Construction 17/06/2006 30/01/2007
Modifications and renovations for Main office Construction 24/09/2006 27/12/2006
Construction of health center in Begova with Doctor's house Construction 14/12/2005 03/12/2006
Construction of Instant relief center in mifraq Shif Shireen Construction 05/06/2006 15/10/2006
Amadia hospital's renovation and expansion Construction 25/06/2005 25/08/2006
Extension of Guard's rooms in both of oxigain's factory and water's well in Azadi H.&construction of Doctor's house in Aqra H Construction 28/03/2006 23/08/2006
Health's center construction inside of the big jail in Aqra Construction 10/03/2006 10/08/2006
Construction of Emergency section in Hevy H. Construction 08/08/2005 26/06/2006
Construction of Health center in Spindare village Construction 09/08/2005 11/04/2006
Renovation of Saaed peran & Nawroz health's center Construction 02/03/2006 10/04/2006
Renovation of Derkar health center and construction of 4 doctors houses in (Tinahy , Ba'adre , Bardirash ) Construction 25/07/2004 24/12/2005
Destruction and reconstruction of Galy's health center Construction 21/08/2004 24/12/2005
Providing of Generator (1000 KV ) for health directorate in Dohuk and Zanine health center Equipment 23/11/2005 22/12/2005
Providing cooling machain in Emegincy hospital Equipment 15/06/2005 27/11/2005
Construction of Sumail health center Construction 17/03/2005 17/11/2005
Constructing of health center in Hay-Olamaa region Construction 15/03/2005 15/11/2005
Construction of Khabor health center Construction 17/11/2004 14/11/2005