Latest Projects

Title District Type Start Date End Datesort icon
Rehabilitation of central system union for water's treatment in central air-condition in Azadi hospital with RO system Equipment 06/08/2005 26/10/2005
Constructing of health center in KRO region Construction 26/02/2005 20/10/2005
Construction of health center in Misca village Construction 01/06/2005 20/10/2005
Construction of Rovya health center Construction 09/04/2005 17/10/2005
Renovation and extension of Hassan-perka's health center Construction 10/06/2005 10/10/2005
Construction of Gelaty health center Construction 09/04/2005 09/10/2005
Construction of Grdeban health center Construction 09/04/2005 03/10/2005
Renovation and modification of Gra-Gawre health center Construction 25/05/2005 19/09/2005
Construction of health center in Etot-community Construction 28/05/2005 17/09/2005
Construction of outside clinic in Zakho Hospital Construction 10/08/2004 14/09/2005
Construction of Zenava-mere health center Construction 09/04/2005 07/09/2005
Extension of medicine's machines's section in Azadi hospital Construction 15/03/2005 05/09/2005
Construction of Talasimia center in Dohuk Construction 23/04/2005 20/08/2005
Construction hall for training in Aqra Construction 30/05/2005 30/07/2005
Construction of health center in Etot jail Construction 15/11/2005 22/07/2005
Construction of Bateel health center /Sumail Construction 10/08/2004 20/07/2005
Construction of warehouse and extension of administrative section in Hevy hospital Construction 15/03/2005 14/07/2005
Construction of Khanki health center /Sumail Construction 25/07/2004 30/05/2005
Destruction and reconstruction of Sarhiland's health center Construction 21/08/2004 25/05/2005
Construction of health center in Fishkhabor Construction 20/08/2004 20/12/2004